Couples Training

The best workout motivation come from others. Accountability is the key to making everlasting life changes. Do you have a partner or friend who is interested in taking their fitness to the next level?  Find a buddy and get to work! Please contact me to find out more about couples training.

My husband and I have both trained with Michaela for several years now. For me, the need was to build a workout that would take no more than 20 minutes given my busy schedule. My main goals were core fitness & overall toning to achieve good posture for supporting an injured back. Michaela designed a fantastic gym workout for me, upping the ante as I got stronger. And then she did it all over again after we moved to a new place that did not have a gym – she created a workout I could do indoors / in our yard with inexpensive (but very effective) gear that she helped me buy online. In my husband’s case, she has helped design weight loss / muscle building workouts that he can do on the road given his extremely busy 4-day a week travel schedule.

-Anu S