Personal Training

Do you keep doing the same thing when you work out? I can take you to the next level. Have you stopped working out because of an injury? I can show you a safe way to start moving again. Do you want to make working out fun again? I can help you find that spark.Think about personal training with me. I’m Michaela.

I  work closely with all of my clients. I’m motivated by seeing my clients achieve their personal best in both personal health and fitness. Everyone is different; I will design a fully-customized workout program for your specific needs whether you are recovering from an injury, have new fitness goals, or want to try some something new and challenging. And as an added bonus, each workout will be both energizing and motivating. Contact me if you are ready to work out.

I came to Michaela as a former college athlete in recovery from disordered eating, trying to develop a better relationship with my body. Although Michaela has made me stronger physically, her compassion, listen-first attitude, and positivity have helped me get out of my own way to grow mentally stronger, as well. Love her!

– Mimi M