Move with Michaela - Testimonials


“She may be small, but she is fierce.” Don’t let Michaela’s background as a professional dancer fool you. Her training will leave you fit, fatigued and fortified both physically and mentally. She is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

– Anne D

Michaela never stops challenging me to work harder and push myself. After just a few months working together, my body was noticeably different. I felt (and looked!) strong and toned. She also perfectly calibrated our workouts while I was pregnant, and kept me in great shape throughout.

– Leslie S

Michaela has created workouts for our older parents who are working on balance issues (core stability), improved range of motion given joint issues, etc….they live in India but follow the notes Michaela made for them diligently, which has really helped improve their health.  In short, no matter what your needs, time constraints, or situation, Michaela has you covered with her endless supply of routines, knowledge of the human body, and positive can-do attitude. And should you need the extra push, you can also count on her to keep you motivated and following through!

– Anu S

Michaela has made me stronger physically and mentally! She is listen-first, a thoughtful coach, and motivates me to push myself past my perceived limits. Her positive spirit and vast experience makes her a great teacher—especially for helping baby-step into exercises like pull-ups. Love her!

– Mimi M

Michaela is so positive and sweet that you forget she’s pushing you past your preconceived limits. I first met Michaela in a Barre Class she was teaching and liked her personality and training style so much that I hired her for private training to compliment her class. She is very aware of how the body works and how each of us are built differently and has helped me work through back issues and muscle tightness along with strength training. She’s the best!

– Erica M

I originally came to Michaela seeking help to recover from a back injury and her guidance has made such a huge difference in my recovery. She is very knowledgable about the body and movement — I always feel like I’m in capable hands. The workouts are varied and interesting and her positive energy really sets her apart. She’s not the yell-in-your-face kind of trainer. You really feel like she’s on your team.

– Jenny P

With Michaela’s help, I have jump-started my fitness journey! Michaela supported my individual fitness and health goals while pushing me to achieve more than I thought possible (and always did so with a smile!). Training with Michaela has made a huge difference in my fitness level and overall health.

– Marybeth S

Working with Michaela was the best thing I did for myself all year. I was already active, doing a lot of workout classes but I felt I wasn’t getting stronger and that makes it difficult to stay motivated. Michaela gave me a new approach that has changed how I workout. Now I am seeing results and feeling so strong and fit!

– Emily J